Pixie Kisses 6 – Yourself

This is the first of a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.


Who are you?

Who do you dream of being?

To be enchanted without becoming lost it is key to know your own heart, the centre of your self, the home of your soul. So now we turn from the space around us, and the beings that are our allies, and the enchantment already in the world, to face our own selves.

There are entire libraries on this subject, legacies, traditions and stories galore. I actually have a book coming out later this year with Moon Books publishing (I’m very excited!!!) on Faery Magic, begins with getting to know your own self in the context of enchantment and Faery Magic…  and some of the foundational ideas which have guided me so far.

It is simple, in truth, and yet we are complicated creatures, layered within and without with stories and ideas and labels we don’t always realise we hold.


So I offer this very simple suggestion: take some time to explore what is in your heart right now.

Sit and breathe gently, use the meditative exercise I outlined in the fifth Pixie Kiss (link) only set your intention to see what is in your heart. Ask yourself the question: who am I?

Draw a heart shape on a piece of paper and begin to fill it with all the things you feel you hold in yourself right now. Qualities, labels, stories, images, feelings, desires…

When you are done, take a deep breath, and relax as you breath out.

Now begin to fill the space around the heart with those things you’d like to bring near yourself, closer to your heart.

And again, when you are done, breathe in deeply, and breathe out the tension and extra energy you are holding. Let yourself relax, and come back to awareness of where you are physically.

You can ask your ally to watch over you if you like.

Give yourself a break, ground, take notes if you need to. Leave the piece of paper in a safe place for at least an hour or two, then come back and look it over. See if anything surprises you or if there are patterns.


I’d encourage you to seek out other self-exploratory techniques, if you don’t have some under your belt already, and to really begin to explore what is in your heart, who you are.



Some things to ponder, without judgement if you can:

What does enchantment mean to me?

Why am I interested in bringing more of this into my life? Into the world?

What are my expectations around this path of enchantment?

Why am I drawn to the Fae?

What are my patterns of thought?

What are the connections between who I am, and how I would like to be? If they are different, what is stopping me from moving from one to the other, and why do I want to be other than I am?


I will be posting Pixie Kisses, small steps you can take to re-enchant your world, here, once a week for the next four months. Take them and play with them. Let the ideas inform your work and play. Find them under the category “Pixie Kisses”.

And, if you wish, you can join us on Facebook in the Enchanted Grove for sharing and discussions on the enchantment you find!