Art and Prints For Sale

Hello Lovelies!

I have some beautiful artworks and they’re looking for homes… do you know someone who loves beautiful art? Are you such a person? These would make lovely gifts for yourself or for someone else this winter-holiday time…

Each of these (and most of my designs here too!) are available as cards or prints (without the watermarks), just fill in the order form at the end and I will send you a paypal invoice with the correct shipping for you! Any questions? Comment below!

  • Cards: £2 each or 6 for £10
  • A4 Prints on smooth card: £7.50 each or 3 for £20

Rough Postage Guide:

  • 1 card: 70p UK (1-3 days)
  • 2-12 cards or 3 prints: £3.20 UK (1-3 days)
  • 1 card: £1.50 outside of UK (5-7 days)
  • 1-3 prints or up to 6 cards: £5 outside of UK (5-7 days)

Originals also available, and I take commissions! What would make you smile?


Let your loves entwine

Pondering: Throughout the ages tales tell of otherworldly music drifting into the everyday world and leading unsuspecting humans on an adventure. Does music from another time count as coming from another world as well? 

Medieval Archery Halo at St Dogmaels
Ready to aim high!

I’m a longbow archer, (currently the County Outdoor Lady Longbow Champion at that) and our club was running a have-a-go stall at an event this bank holiday. My friend and I had agreed to go help before realising that it was a medieval day. Perfect! We’ve been working on Renaissance and Medieval Music! With 24 hours to go, and most of that full of work and rehearsals, I set to making something that might pass as a medieval costume. We pulled together the songs we’d been working on and discovered we have a full set that we can do with only the two of us and arrived, songbook in hand, to make some magic!

There is something about hands-on-activities that really excites people and we were rushed off our feet all day, talking about the longbows and organising the people as they came in to shoot so in the end we got to sing whilst packing up – which prompted some interesting heckling! It was a glorious day, the club raised a good amount of funds to keep it running over the winter and we got to sing in the end. All in all, a grand day out.

Despite the fact that we didn’t get to sing much, we still gathered several opportunities. It is funny how being open with people about what you do can lead to new connections, new chances. It makes me wonder how many opportunities I missed when I was too nervous to share my passions with those I met in case they… what? Rejected me? I’m not sure really. All I know is that I tended to keep my love of myth and magic under my hat in all but the most obvious situations. I’m learning though; every time we share what lights us up, others respond in kind and we make connections with those that love our passions too. And those that don’t share those passions often know someone who does!

It also struck me that often when we follow one passion (in this case archery) and hold the other in mind (music!) they will find ways to overlap and feed each other.

My takeaway from this: Don’t bother compartmentalising life. Share what you love and allow each aspect of your life to inform and feed the others. In this way you connect with others who love the same things, opportunities open for you and life becomes a veritable feast of delight!

Maybe at the Philosophy Conference in February I’ll do a philosophical piece on faeries… now where was that copy of Collingwood’s ‘Philosophy of Enchantment‘?

Iron Age Storytelling

I followed the white rabbit of inspiration down a rabbit hole of possibility… in the Uni café this spring I saw a friend who tells stories at an Iron Age settlement and the rabbit waved at me calling:

“Over here! Over here! Go on, you could try this!”

It was a crazy idea. Loopy. Daft. But it was also GENIUS.

“Ummm,” I started, “Do you think I could come and tells stories with you as your apprentice?”

“Sure.” He says. And the venue agreed.

Iron Age Storytelling
In full Iron Age gear!

I joined a local storytelling group. I got the costume. I brushed up on my Welsh mythology. And I was terrified. And excited!

The end of the summer rolls round and I’ve been and been invited back, multiple times. Two weeks ago I was gifted a Lyre Harp, so she joined me and enchanted our audience even more than I did… Music is so healing! Today I even got paid for it!

I love performing, I love making things (like costume!) I love mythology, I love storytelling even more than I thought I would. That loopy-idea-bunny has gotten me firmly on the pathway to performing professionally in only a few months… I’m very, very glad I said yes.

So, what loopy idea-bunny is beckoning you to follow down the rabbit hole towards your dreams? What intuition is waiting for you to say yes?

(PS: My stage name? Ceinwen… which means White Hare!)