Temple of Tales: Persephone and Power

Learn to release outworn roles and old hurts and step into your true power with Persephone.

Available until 21st December Only!

Through four guided rituals you will free yourself from those things that hold you back, learn what your true power is and claim sovereignty in that realm.

Do you miss the dreams you had as a child?

Do you wish you could live a life that is fulfilling and exciting?

Do you feel lacking in direction and lost at sea?

Let Persephone show you the realm you are meant to rule…

Do you know the tale of Persephone? She who became Queen of a whole realm… she who knew her essence and stepped into the role she was born for and in doing so, changed the world.

When you know who you are and you claim your power, you become Queen of your life and the Universe supports you in the dream you choose to manifest.

What is your power?

What dream will you bring to life?

Time to join me on an adventure. Dive down the rabbit hole with Kore who becomes Persephone. Watch the video to hear the story of Persephone, the power of stories and the adventure to come!

Get Ready…

Step into your Power with Persephone starts 1st October 2014! It runs over four weeks, finishing in time for Samhain… You can also purchase this as a gift for someone else who would love this magic in their life!

What you will get:

  • Four guided meditation rituals, one each week, working with Kore, Demeter, Hades and Persephone to uncover your essence, release what holds you back, face your key challenge and step into the Power which is yours by right so you can change the world!
  • Four workbooks to accompany the videos

Your investment:

only £55

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