School of Enchantment

Do you wish for more enchantment in your life? For more wonder, more magic, more delight? Here is the school of Enchantment, where you can learn the skills and knowledge necessary for becoming an Enchanter; one that re-enchants their world!

First: sign up to my newsletter for occasional enchantment. You will also receive a free PDF copy of my book Pixie Kisses to re-enchant your life!

Pick up my books on Etsy and find your Faery Heart, or re-enchant your life with Pixie Kisses in paperback.

Need some clarity? Request an Oracle Reading with the FeyHearted Deck!

No school would be complete without classes and I’ve been crafting the perfect introduction to enchantment.

If you know there must be more to life than this…

If you wish you could have more beauty, more magic and more delight in your life…

If you have a dream of what your life could be… and wish you had the power to make it happen…

Then this is for you: Enchanted Empowerment – Here and Now,

Follow the fish for more details and to Enroll!

Flying Fish
Enchanted Empowerment – Here and Now Class

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