Welcome to the School of Enchantment

This was once the School of Enchantment, I have a few books and a couple of decks left if you would like a copy…. please sign up to the mailing list to receive updates on the School and when new courses are created!


A Deck of Fae Magic.
A Deck of Fae Magic. (Click for details)

Find your Faery Magic
Find your Faery Magic with The Faery Heart (on Etsy)

Enchant your Life!
Enchant your Life with Pixie Kisses (on Etsy)
FeyHearted Deck: Buy Now! Faery Heart (Book): Buy Now! Pixie Kisses (Book): Buy Now!

There are Gifts:

Sign up to my newsletter for occasional enchantment. You will also receive a free gift of a video ritual introduction to the Temple of Tales, where you will meet the Goddess Kore and find your own story…

Tangible Beauty

The Feyhearted Oracle: An Oracle sprinkled with pixie dust crafted by yours truly – only 50 copies available.

The Faery Heart Book: A beautiful combination of philosophy and fancy to help you get in touch with your playful, creative, Fae heart.

Pixie Kisses Book: The collection, so you can re-enchant your life!

Prints, Art and Crafts on Etsy: Peruse my other creations at your leisure!

Meet The Enchantress

I offer classes, workshops and events in person including:

Oracle Readings, Intuitive Painting, Elemental Intensives, Life-mapping sessions, rituals and healing, storytelling, book readings, workshops in unlocking your creativity, jewellery making and other crafts, workshops on connecting with the Fae, finding your guides and crafting the life you love!

I have taught in both Britain and Spain and I specialise in bringing my tribe back to their hearts so they can step between the worlds and into their dreams every day.

Contact me today to find out what magic I can weave for you!

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