FaeHearted Oracle


Looking for guidance? Clarity? Understanding? A glimpse of the forces at play in your life?

I can help.

I love Oracles so much I made my own. I’ve had a great deal of success reading for both friends and strangers, as you can see:

“when I first read your reading it literally sent shivers down my spine – it was as if you had seen inside me and were uncovering a hidden purpose or course.  I was a bit blown away and stopped for a moment to wonder about it only to be caught back up in the maelstrom which is life and to be carried along again like a dandelion bloom.  Re-reading this reading I need to write it out and have it as my motto on the wall to continually remind myself not to go with the flow but to resonate at my own depth and speed.” ~ G. W.

So now I’m offering you a reading with the FeyHearted Oracle. I also listen to guidance from the Fae, the Spirits and the Gods so if they have a message for you you will get that too!

The Process:

What will the cards reveal?
What will the cards reveal?

£15 per reading

Click the deck above and cross my palm with silver (digitally!). In the ‘instructions to seller’ box, include your name, email address and question or area of query.

Once I have your query I will do the reading, write it up and email it back to you over the following week. Wherever possible I will also send you a picture of the reading as it arrived for you for your reference.

After you have received the reading and read it over I would love your feedback and I will endeavour to help you with further clarity if required.

“Having never had an oracle/tarot reading done before, and only just starting to explore the subject myself I loved that Halo made me feel at ease when seeking some clarity about my life.
Her reading was insightful and thought provoking and helped me to consider things in a new light. Helping to lift a weight of uncertainty I had been carrying for a while.
And what’s even better is she didn’t hesitate to elaborate further for me on the parts of the reading I still wasn’t sure about.
I would recommend her to anyone looking for insight, inspiration, or reassurance that everything will work out just the way it’s meant to.
Thank you hunni.
Zoe Goode”

What should I ask?

The kinds of questions I have been asked include:

What does the year ahead hold for me?

What will give me strength for the year ahead?

What is in store in the future for my business/relationship/finances/homelife?

How do I get unstuck from this situation?!

What direction should I be heading in?

Am I on the right path for me?

I want to achieve x, what is the best way for me to do that?

Tell me about my health.

What do I need to know?

The best questions are open, allowing for a descriptive response. If a question is unsuitable I will let you know and we can discover the best way to ask for what you need to know.

It was encouraging and affirming to receive Halo’s reading. I look forward to seeing positive changes happening in my life soon!
~ Angela

The Deck;

I will be using the FeyHearted Oracle which I made myself.

A sample reading
Let the beauty reveal the path to your heart…

Halo’s faery reading was absolutely dead-on! I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from one, but I was extremely impressed with the powerful response I received. The reading rang so true for the exact situation I was in at that exact time.
Although the answer I received highlighted an issue I had been hiding from for awhile, the reading helped me to fully acknowledge and accept my situation in order to begin taking the steps to remedy it. I highly recommend Halo’s readings to those looking for insight into some aspect of their lives…and would gladly invest in another!
~ Samantha Kelley

I look forward to reading for you too!

LEGAL NOTICE: Readings are for entertainment purposes only. What you do with the information presented to you is entirely your choice. No-one can tell you what is in store for you for definite.

PERSONAL NOTICE: I cannot advise on legal or medical matters. I can tell you what I see in the cards and hear from the spirit world and will help you to reframe your question if it is unsuitable. It is then up to you what you do with that information and I am not responsible for your actions based on the reading. I work to be as ethical as possible and my goal is to help you find the clarity you seek.


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