"Your Faery Magic" Book cover
“Your Faery Magic” OUT NOW!!!
YFM Book Launch Poster
Book Launch for “Your Faery Magic” on 12th December!

BOOK LAUNCH and FAERY PARTY, Lampeter, 12th December 2015

“Your Faery Magic” NEW BOOK! Available for pre-order via Amazon, to be published through Moon Books.

A Deck of Fae Magic.
The Feyhearted Oracle – A Deck of Fae Magic.

Fascinated by all things Faery? The brightly coloured canvas glimpsed through the trees calls to you. Music on the breeze calls to you. The sound of bells and laughter calls to you…

A voice whispers in your ear: In our everyday life it is so easy to become tired, to lose sight of the magic that graces the corners of our world. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Artworks hang in the branches glowing and pulsing with light. Every few beats a laughing lady dives from the canvas and you realise these are portable gateways to, and from, Faeryland. The realm of magic is nearby, kissing the land you know.

The voice continues: Are you lost in the world of Ninetofive and Mundanity? Tired of being numb? Missing your creative spirit?

Let me lead you back to your muse. She is waiting for you…

Let me show you the way to Faeryland. It holds so much beauty, just for you…

Let me help you to re-enchant your life. Fill your every day with colour and play…

Through magic, ritual and play we return the magic to our hearts and by doing so we fill with so much joy that it overflows and floods the world with wonder. Let me be your guide on this path… the path of the Faery Heart.

Come. Here is the library. Books hold whole worlds, whole magics! The librarian will read your  librarycards for you if you like?

If you want to feel your way into the true realm of Faery, behind the sparklefluff and into the deep magic within the play, my upcoming book “Your Faery Magic” is for you.

If you want to dive straight into concrete enchantments through musings and play, on the top shelf lives Pixie Kisses – right there, covered in pixie dust and happy thoughts. Try it out in PDF for free!

If you wish for more clarity on your journey, cross my palm with silver and I’ll read your cards for you and illuminate your path…

And if you want your very own magical Artwork, Halo’s Etsy is the best marketstall at the festival!

The Feyhearted Path is a big enchantment that I’m playing with, it has manifested as a series of blog posts (originally living here), books, an Oracle deck and various pieces of art and other creations. As an introduction I’ve collected together a couple of pieces of art, a trance and the Feyhearted Manifesto for you to peruse. The posts can be found on my personal blog here.

Feyhearted Manifesto

Feyhearted Art

Feyhearted Zine on Tumblr

Trance: Opening to Faery Vision

As you wander deeper into the forest you see an entire village of festival tents and market stalls, a little further on appears to be an academy with open air lectures for the festival inhabitants to wander in and out of. Beautifully dressed goblins ply their wares, the pilot appears with a staff of silver, peacock feathers and stars and waves you onward… into another part of the adventure. If magic appeals, if faeries light up your soul, if you long for enchantment, this is the route for you!

Write the Enchantress a postcard and tell her your dreams…

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