Faery Oracle Deck

My Oracle Deck!
The Magic of Faery Swirling in the Green…

The magic of faery fills the world, our hearts sing to us and the Fae reply.

Have you ever wished to hear the music of the Fae? The wisdom and beauty that can guide us to the heart of what we desire and the core of healing for all the worlds.

Have you ever wished to uncover what your heart truly desires… and the path to reach it?

These beautiful cards will be your guide.

Open your heart and lay them before you. Breathe in the images, read the words, listen to the tales they tell you of the here, the now, the needed and the soon-to-come.

The FeyHearted Oracle is 40 cards, professionally printed on glossy card with rounded corners, in a size which is easy to carry and shuffle for even the smallest, faeriest of hands. Made by a real Enchantress who has worked with Faery magic since childhood and published two books on finding Faery and enchantment in your life, these cards are truly magical and an enchantment all by themselves.


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Oracle Deck Set for sale
The FeyHearted Oracle and Guidebook!

My dream is for the things I make to reach the folk who need them most so that we can re-enchant the world together so please, share this page with everyone you know would wish for more beauty, more magic, more enchantment in their life. Everyone who wishes for a guiding light through the mundanity into the realms of Faery and the dreams for their heart.

Let us re-enchant the world and make our dreams come true!

A sample reading
Let the beauty reveal the path to your heart…

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