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Pixie Kisses 5 – Faery Allies

This is the first of a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.


Every journey is better with company, and this path is no different. Of course, the option of company from at least two realms is less familiar to our culture, but I’m sure we’ll manage!


Who better than to guide our efforts in bringing together the faery and human realms than a Fae who is doing this themselves? Today I present a simple exercise to reach out to one who would help. The philosophy of faery, my ideas behind what they are and what their relationship is to us I will leave for another day, it is enough, for now, to be aware that there is more to this world than meets the eye. And, well, hooking up with someone who can guide you through the parts of their world and magic while you help them with ours can only help with bringing the realms closer.


So, to action!


Find somewhere quiet, safe, magical. It might be a quiet space outside, or it might be your Faery Altar. Your choice. Allow protection to enfold you, however you do this normally if you have a set way, or simply by imagining a sphere of light around you keeping you safe and asking for the blessing of the Faery Queen.

Relax and slow your breathing a little.

Count your breaths backwards, from 30 to 1, imagining each in-breath draws in light to feed you, and each out-breath releases tension. Allow yourself to relax.

Imagine you are surrounded by a green mist and you begin to float.

Float up and up, breathing softly, deeply, gently.

Hold the intention in your heart to meet a friendly fae, one who would like to team up with you on this journey of re-enchantment, one who chooses to be an ally.

Let your body and mind relax in the green mists of faery, and soon images and impressions will begin to come to you. Watch them, allowing the protection you called earlier to hold you safe. Watch them until one begins to solidify into an independent being, a fae who chooses to be an ally on this path.

Interact with them for a while, get a sense of who they are, and whether you are right for each other.

When you feel ready, bid them farewell and allow them to drift back into the mists… and feel yourself slowly floating down, back to earth, back to your self, your body.

Allow the protective sphere to dissipate if it feels right. Ground. Take notes. Eat something. Move around. Remember your new ally, they can help you navigate Faeryland, you can help them navigate the human realm. Together you can cross between worlds and bring enchantment closer…


You can repeat this as often as you like to meet them on other occasions, or, if no ally appeared at first, to seek again.  Get to know each other, treat them with respect, and don’t make any promises until you are very certain what you’re promising!

Simple, and effective.



I will be posting Pixie Kisses, small steps you can take to re-enchant your world, here, once a week for the next four months. Take them and play with them. Let the ideas inform your work and play. Find them under the category “Pixie Kisses”.

And, if you wish, you can join us on Facebook in the Enchanted Grove for sharing and discussions on the enchantment you find!

Pixie Kisses 4 – Trees and Spaces

This is the first of a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.


From Thomas Moore’s Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life:

Every patch of ground that has a tree growing in it echoes Eden and is a reminder of our origins in an enchanted garden. Once we stop taking trees literally, we begin to see how they frame the world we look at every minute of our outdoor life… Eden is always with us, unless and until we narrow our vision, forgetting myth and disregarding aesthetic perception, and the trees of Eden are also always with us, full of mystery and implication.”*

Trees are central, in so many ways, to our lives. We know that they provide oxygen, and soak up CO2… its like we breathe with the plants of the world, we breathe out as they breathe in, they breathe out and we breathe in.

And trees are especially special, not only for their fruit and their wood, their shelter and their roots holding the earth together, but also for their presence. As Thomas Moore begins to say in the quote above, trees hold a special place in our mythologies, stories and hearts.

This is the time of year where many people decorate trees, or make Barbara Twigs, or burn Yule Logs, honouring trees even in our consumer-orientated lives. If we can do this mindfully, and not simply out of habit, then the act of choosing and decorating a tree can be enchanting… and the trees which sparkle with snow and fairy lights in the dark winter nights certainly enchant me!

The decorating of space for festivals, like Yule, Christmas, Halloween and even birthdays, is a way of bringing enchantment into our homes. We change the space to reflect the energy we choose to invite into our homes. Connecting with trees orientates us in the world, reminds us of the World Tree (present in most, if not all, cultures), and soothes our souls.

The hype of Christmas may be overwhelming, but the acts involved are all, in themselves, things we can take on board. Decorating our home with love and delight, connecting with trees, treating our time and space as time and space to celebrate in, all these are positive acts.

It is not just trees which we take too literally, our lives have drifted away from mythology, and it is the sense of layers, magic and wonder in a world with myth embedded in it that makes our hearts sing.

The many thoughts in this post, then, unravel into one shining question:

How can we reconnect with the magic in the world?

And a solution:

Remember that the whole world is ensouled, and allow ourselves to be enchanted by it. Start with trees, trees which span the worlds, trees which are so much more than mere building materials.

Merry midwinter to you all. May we step back into the enchanted garden as the sun blesses our days with ever-more light!


I will be posting Pixie Kisses, small steps you can take to re-enchant your world, here, once a week for the next four months. Take them and play with them. Let the ideas inform your work and play. Find them under the category “Pixie Kisses”.

And, if you wish, you can join us on Facebook in the Enchanted Grove for sharing and discussions on the enchantment you find!

Pixie Kisses 3 – Understanding

This is the first of a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.


We started by making some space. Space for enchantment, space for the Fae. For our second step, we began collecting enchantment, in the form of stories.

Now we can open to an understanding of enchantment and look towards how it can ripple into our lives…

Look over the stories and pictures you’ve collected, and begin to get a sense of what enchantment feels like. Spend some time with your Altar to Enchantment, your Faery space, musing gently on what ‘enchantment’ means… ask the Fae that live on the edges of your consciousness to inspire you, even if you’re not sure they’re there yet…

You might want to write some notes, brainstorm, or draw, make collages or music or whatever helps you gather your thoughts into one place. When you have an idea of what enchantment means to you, see if you can express it somehow on a piece of paper that you can keep somewhere visible in the space you’ve dedicated to Faery – or somewhere you’ll see it but others won’t if you have people around who are less than supportive.

Next, begin to think about how that sense of enchantment might be expressed in your life.

If you were enchanted by life, what would that be like?

If life were enchanting, full of wonder and delight, how would you start each day? What would you wear? What would your home look like? How would you move through your day?

Once you have an idea of how you think that might look, take a deep breath and relax. Let your mind open to inspiration and ask yourself this:

What little thing can I do today to bring that feeling, that life of enchantment, into my day right now?

Write down any ideas that come to you, however silly, write them all down until you feel done. Then look them over and see which ones appeal to you today, and if there is one you can start right away.

Perhaps you’ll choose to wear colours which make you feel like a Queen, or a Dryad, or an Enchanter. Perhaps you’ll swap your shampoo for one which smells to you like faeryland and magic. Perhaps you’ll choose to wear flowers in your hair each day, or to learn to dance, or to start a gratitude journal, or a dream diary. Perhaps you’ll choose from now on to only buy beautiful things, or to leave gifts for strangers in bus shelters, or to move your desk so you can see out through the window while you work.

Choose something that works for you, and as that becomes habit, you can add another thing, and another. Begin to change your life. Choose the things that make you feel happy, and let that joy radiate out into the world.

For now, an understanding of what enchantment means to you, and an idea of how you’d like it to manifest in your life is what we’re aiming for. Spend some time with yourself and your stories, at your altar, and open up to a sense of enchantment. Once you know what it feels like, it becomes easier to invite it in…


I will be posting Pixie Kisses, small steps you can take to re-enchant your world, here, once a week for the next four months. Take them and play with them. Let the ideas inform your work and play. Find them under the category “Pixie Kisses”.

And, if you wish, you can join us on Facebook in the Enchanted Grove for sharing and discussions on the enchantment you find!

Pixie Kisses 2 – Stories

This is the first of a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.


We started by making some space. Space for enchantment, space for the Fae.

Now we can continue this process, making more space in our lives and our minds, and charming ourselves with what we choose to attract.

Following the principle of magic that like attracts like, fill your life with the kinds of wonder and stories of the magic you choose to tap into.

Collect stories, poetry and art about the Fae, about enchantment, about wonder.

Surround yourself with beauty, with enchantment, and become enchanted. Share what you find with friends, post links here if you like… better though, to meet with soemone in the flesh and share what you have found and loved! Enchant each other!

Then, take your favourite words – poems, songs, stories – out to somewhere beautiful and dedicate them to the Fae. Speak them aloud, with feeling, tell the stories to those beings you may not see but can feel nonetheless. They love a good story!

Telling stories is, in itself, a magical act. We live our lives through stories, absorbing images of the world, telling ourselves stories of ourselves and our world. We take on board the stories that the news tells us, that our friends repeat, that we learnt as children. We live our lives by these stories. And we can choose new stories for ourselves. Stories full of beauty and wonder and magic.

How many times do we say to ourselves…

I’m too…

I can’t…

The world is horrible.

Life sucks.

Its too hard.

And so on? Sometimes its true, I am too big for size 8 jeans (or size 12 for that matter). As soon as this story becomes ‘I’m too big.’ however, there is a problem. ‘I’m too… anything’ can lead to guilt, shame, disappointment, bitterness. All unnecessary and unhelpful.  My point here is not to go into important discussions about body image, but to illustrate how the stories we tell ourselves effect the way we think and feel. Plenty of people are able to help you if you’re dealing with these kinds of harmful thought patterns, here we’re going to choose to shift focus.

Collect enchantment, and begin to re-enchant yourself with words and pictures. Choose the nature of the stories in your life…


Let me know how you get on!


I will be posting Pixie Kisses, small steps you can take to re-enchant your world, here, once a week for the next four months. Take them and play with them. Let the ideas inform your work and play. Find them under the category “Pixie Kisses”.

And, if you wish, you can join us on Facebook in the Enchanted Grove for sharing and discussions on the enchantment you find!

GUEST POST: If you want to live a life enchanted, by Demi Morgen-Fox

Sometimes, other Enchanting individuals write something for us at A World Enchanted and it makes my heart sing to hear how others are re-enchanting the world too. Demi Morgen-Fox, whose work as a Priestess, mermaid and dancer I admire, is a dynamic Faery lady who I have followed for several years as she pumped up the rock in her Priestessing! Demi very kindly wrote this for you to enjoy, and it speaks beautifully of the work of becoming a Priestess or Enchantress. So, welcome to A World Enchanted, Demi!

Demelza Fox in the woods
The Priestess and Mermaid, Demi Morgen-Fox, in human form.

If you want to live a life enchanted, you gotta show up for it.

My biggest inspiration spirituality-wise is the faery goddess, super-enchantress and all-over badass Morgan le Fey.

I actually first read about her in a book called “Faerycraft” about a decade ago. At that time I was 16 and just totally obsessed with finding a patron goddess.  I’d been involved in witchcraft for five years and had decided I neeeeded a patron goddess, otherwise I wasn’t a real witch. Duh. I found Morgen and something about her got me all excited: maybe it was her connection to Avalon, or her wild seductive faery nature, or her thing about walking through the darkness to find the light. Whatever. I wanted her. So sixteen year old me did a ritual to call her in as my patron.

So I waited and I got pretty a big fat nothing.  No magic, no dream visitations, no signs, nothing that would signifying that Morgan was paying me attention.  I began to think that little rationally about this.  Why would hell would I want somebody who is all about the darkness and transformation to be my patron goddess?  It sounded like a lot of hard work.  Faeries are fickle anyway. Maybe it’s a good thing she never responded.

After a few years, she did start turning up more and more.  I’d pray for her for help and she’d hit me up with damn good advice.  She’d helped me out with my tarot readings. My obsessive search of her lead me to learn about Avalon, and watch a lot of questionable Arthurian TV dramas. Now she’s there every day.

My big thing is becoming a priestess, zealously devouring anything that can possibly related to priestess stuff.  To me Morgana, the Queen of Avalon, land of the sister priestesses, is kinda like a High Priestess goddess.  She is a loving teacher and a guide, wise and kind and a little bit pushy.  As a Faery Goddess and a Sorceress she teaches us how to experience the world as enchanted, and what that means.

To me so much of the work of being a priestess is connection with the divine.  I’m crazy for the word “Yogi” right now – Yoga means Union, so Yogi means one who united. That means being present and showing up to be united. This mean being awake to experience the world around us lit up by the divine, being able to see and feel all the magic and joy and awesomeness that’s available to us every minute.

In our fantasies we see magic and enchantment as something supernatural. It’s has to be a faery rade riding by or something big and flashy with a latin startup, something that would embarrass science with it’s flagrant disregard for physics.

It’s gotta be something special, right? It has to be different than what’s already here because, well, I’m here already so this isn’t special. We’ve gotta be drugged out, tripped out, drunk on something, right?

I don’t think so. Seeing magic is as simple as letting go of all our human mind crap for a few moments being present, showing up for enchantment and magic to find us. Holy CRAP there is so much magic and power and freedom when we just show up for a moment and let it get to us. We’ve just stopped paying attention to something that should be our birthright, our greatest comfort: that the world is and always has been a magical, amazing, enchanted place.

It’s stealth magic. Hiding in plain sight. We don’t even notice it.

How the faeries would laugh at us.


11016563_776586330707_465270718_nDemi Morgen-Fox is a modern-day priestess of the Goddess, Mermaidenly Lady and lover of all things peanut butter flavoured. She lives over at Rockstar Priestess (www.priestesstraining.com) where she talks and teaches about living life with the Goddess, the pathway of a priestess and how to become your biggest, badassest Mermaid self.

Pixie Kisses 1 – Space for Faery

This is the first of a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.


For something to enter your life, there must be space for it.

For enchantment to enter your life, you must make space to be enchanted.

So lets make space. Lets make our space enchanting. Lets provide a home in our hearts and our houses for the Fae to dance…

Even if all you can manage is a picture hanging on a wall, a postcard tucked in the corner of the bathroom mirror, a pendant, or a pocket-sized tin full of tiny pebbles and dried flowers, making an actual, physical place for enchantment tells your deep self, your subconscious, your child self, that this is something you want to give space to in your life.

Every time you see it, you will remember.

Every time you give attention to it, the emotions and energies it invokes will ripple out into your life. Psychologically it will remind you of your dreams of an enchanted life. Magically, like attracts like, so you encourage wonder by depicting wonder. And, in a very real way, you are offering hospitality to those that would help you reach the state of enchantment.

If you want more faery magic in your life, make space for it, and they will come…

Enchant yourself.


A small symbol is a place to start, a full-blown altar or faery garden is even more potent because the amount of time and energy you put into creating it echoes through your life. If you don’t know how to begin, think of images that evoke enchantment in you, track some down. Find sculptures, toys, images and objects that remind you of the fae. Choose gorgeous fabrics (ones that you like, gorgeous to you is the important bit!) to drape over a shelf, light candles in glass holders, burn incense that makes you think of wild places. Collect natural objects, leaves falling in the autumn, flowers gently picked, stones with patterns or holes… arrange these in a way that you enjoy! Coloured pebbles and sea-glass are lovely in pretty jars or a bowl, none of this has to be obvious to anyone else, its just between you and the Fae. Mirrors and sparkly things are good too… and you’d do well to leave an offering for the Fae if you can. Inviting guests in and then not offering a cuppa is often considered rude when dealing with other humans, and in the same way, the Fae appreciate offerings too. Cookies, cakes, fruit, chocolate, or poetry, stories and dedicated acts… generally speaking, its nice to share, and something biodegradable which can be left safely outside for them to enjoy is always good. We’ll talk more about offerings later, I expect!

Use what feels right, those things that enchant you are what will work best. Make a beautiful space for enchantment in your life and see what happens!


I will be posting Pixie Kisses, small steps you can take to re-enchant your world, here, once a week for the next four months. Take them and play with them. Let the ideas inform your work and play. Find them under the category “Pixie Kisses”.

And, if you wish, you can join us on Facebook in the Enchanted Grove for sharing and discussions on the enchantment you find!


Pixie Kisses… revisited

The collected Pixie Kisses
The collected Pixie Kisses

Almost five years ago I created a series of weekly prompts for re-enchanting your life on the FeyHearted blog (now an archive of posts from that time) which I eventually collected into the book Pixie Kisses with additional pieces and illustrations. It feels like now is a good time to revisit those prompts. I wrote these whilst working in a town far from home and commuting five hours back and forth every other week. I was exhausted and unhappy and holding on to every piece of magic I could find… and although I knew that it was only temporary I did not know when it would be over. Five years later I live and work in the beautiful heart of Wales, supporting my blossoming creative career with a part time gentle retail job in a lovely art shop and a book contract signed this Imbolc! These Pixie Kisses are pieces of magic, woven each week then as a spell that would re-enchant my world, and shared in the hopes that they would help others too. You might be in a similar position now; tired, bored and unhappy. Anxious about the world and feeling powerless. Or you might be feeling good about things but still know there is more enchantment to be had. Either way, I offer these as a weekly blessing to you and for the world.

What follows was the original introduction, and I shall repost each of the Pixie Kisses on Fridays, in honour of the Nordic Goddess of Beauty, Magic and Strength, Freya.

Let the Pixie Kissing Begin!

Do you ever feel like there is magic at the edge of your life, but its easy to forget it? Its easy to slip into a space where you miss the wonder waiting at the edges of your world and you feel weighed down by the 9 till 5 of a workaday life, or 6 till midnight in some cases!

Have you ever felt so sure that there is more than this?

Or have you found those sprinkles of pixie dust? The flashes of wonder? The kisses of the fey? And do you want more?

I know that each and every one of us could benefit from more playtime, more magic, more wonder. Every one of us is a little happier when the world is enchanted.

I’m writing to show you that you are right. There is more than the mundane world, more than the grey. There is more to life than this. Life is full of wonder and magic and pixie kisses. And sometimes its dangerous too, and thats ok. Life is full, thats what makes it life.

Wonder at the light and the dark,

Feel the magic in your heart,

Break the grey world right apart,

And set the magic free!

Its time to re-enchant the world.

Do you want to get in touch with your Fey side? Or with the Fae themselves?

Do you want to bring Faeryland closer for yourselves, or for everyone?

Do you want to bring more magic and creativity into your life?

Do you want to face both the light and the dark and find wonder in both?

Or do you want all these things?

Whichever it is, the actions are the same, only the angle you look at the world changes. If you seek to know yourself, you’ll understand the world better. If you fill your life with delight, others around you will also be delighted. We are each a part of this world, by choosing happiness for yourself, you choose happiness for everyone. In choosing magic and wonder in your own life, you re-enchant the world, one pixie kiss at a time…

I will be posting Pixie Kisses, small steps you can take to re-enchant your world, here, once a week for the next four months. Take them and play with them. Let the ideas inform your work and play. Find them under the category “Pixie Kisses”.

And, if you wish, you can join us on Facebook in the Enchanted Grove for sharing and discussions on the enchantment you find!

Chinese New Year Storytelling

Last week I told tales to about a dozen children for the Chinese New Year celebrations hosted by Lampeter’s Confucius Institute.

First the dragon awoke from his winter sleep, then we learnt why the New Year is celebrated as it is, and why the year of the Goat comes after the year of the Horse. We saw the legendary beast Nian, still running after all these years, and debated whether it was the year of the goat or, instead, the year of the sheep!

Chinese Zodiac, River of Animals - Goat
Chinese Zodiac, River of Animals – Goat

Goat years are also known as Sheep years, and are known to give rise to gentler things, to be family orientated and caring. I take it as a good sign that I got to entertain the youngest members of the families at these celebrations (and to hear a story about a squirrel from a budding performer as well!) as the year was at its youngest, and the snowdrops are appearing all around the hills of Wales.

I do seem to be getting in the habit of collecting Chinese animal tales, don’t I? They are great fun and, thankfully, suitable for all ages. I do adore the dark and gruesome fairytales, such as those by Giambattista Basile in Pentamerone, but I’m naturally such a softy that the animal tales children love suit me down to the ground! On my list of tales to explore is a darker fairytale set, which the old, weird, Welsh story of Blodeuwedd, the flower maiden who became an owl, and my favourite Anderson tale ‘The Little Mermaid’ (which inspired my short story in Future Earth magazine) would probably sit quite nicely in, don’t you think? For now, I’m back under the direction of the goblins at The Circus when it comes to stories, we’ve got some work to do polishing up the new acts, they and I!

I do feel like now is a good point to just say thank you. Thank you for reading to everyone who comes across this post. Thank you to everyone who supports me in my endeavours, goblinesque and otherwise. And thank you to the Universe (and notably to the Confucius Institute) for the opportunities to tell tales professionally. I do so love it!


A Tour Through Blogland!


Welcome to my little world. I was nominated to join in the blogland tour by the inspiring Wendy Steele who I met last summer in the guise of Dance Goddess… but who has fast become a close friend and partner in mischief when it comes to writing inspiration and other such things. She writes stories full of magical realism and non-fiction about how to be happy, and is currently working on the second in her Wales-inspired trilogy which began with “The Standing Stone” set across the times all in one place. Her books are all beautiful pieces of re-enchantment. Find Wendy here!

I nominate… James Baker of James Baker Performs! James is a performer and writer of plays currently devising a one-man show on the intersection between creativity and madness. He is also my husband, so you know he has good taste.

I nominate Elinor Prędota, an Interfaith Minister and Pagan Priestess from Scotland who I have had the pleasure of being friends with for over a decade. (Website is currently under construction but should be up and running over the next day or two!)

And I nominate Demelza Fox, Rockstar Priestess, Belly Dancer and Mermaid extraordinaire!

I choose Monday 2nd or 9th of March for your postings, lovelies. ‘Rules’ at the end of this post.

Right then, on with the show!

As part of this tour you get to hear a little about my writing process through the Q&A (And if you follow the breadcrumbs backwards and forwards, you’ll find the answers others have given too…)

The questions, and my answers:

1- Why write? Why not sing, dance or figure skate?

Well now, this is a silly question, on two levels. Firstly, why not write? How could I not? I love to let words flow onto the page and it is a wonderful way of communicating ideas with others. I love that I can fossilise my ideas into paper (physical or virtual) and hand it to you to hear those words far away and a long time from here and now. I love that we can communicate at vast distances through writing, and that I can speak to people in the future right now. I also find that writing is the process by which I come to understand. I often feel like my head is empty, like there is no knowledge, no understanding of the world, until I write. Then the words begin to form themselves into ideas, into stories, into whole worlds of webs of connections that make sense of it all.

The second level that this question makes me giggle is that I don’t just write. I couldn’t just write if I tried. I paint, I dance, I tell tales, I study philosophy. I’ve learnt healing skills and fortune telling, I travel and run rituals, I perform am dram and I’m learning the guitar. So whilst writing is something that I have always done, it is not something I do to the exclusion of all else… though I don’t think I’d be any good at figure skating!

I write because I love it, the same reason I do anything else. Writing, more than any of my other activities, though, helps me to make sense of the world and of what I think and feel about the world. It allows me to make a stand, to say; “here I am, this is what I believe, this is what is important.” And once it is on the page in black and white, then I can see the stories that I wish to share with the world.

2- Do you have a musical play list or do you need to write in absolute silence? If you have a play list would we recognize any of the songs or artists on it?

Ooooh, I don’t like writing in silence but I also don’t have a particular play list… I tend to put on whatever artist I’m most in love with at the time or something really familiar, so SJ Tucker and Talis Kimberley get played a lot, or something classic/prog rock-y like Led Zep. I’ll also find compilations by other people and stick them on, especially if they are long ones so the music keeps flowing without a silence to distract me. My husband made me a collection of all the theme songs from True Blood, so that quite often gets put on as it is several hours of music I enjoy with plenty of variation.

My favourite writing set up is in a noisy, busy cafe where I can sit on a sofa and stare out of the window, with my headphones in and a good, long playlist. And a tasty soya chai latte. Nom.

3- Can you see a future for yourself in which writing forms no part of your day to day life?

I don’t think we live in a world where that is likely, but even assuming that writing falls out of favour somehow… no. I don’t think so. I remember catching bits of early episodes of Big Brother and being horrified that they weren’t allowed pen and paper to write. Bonkers idea. I write in my journal most days, I write poems and snatches of songs that probably no one will ever hear, I write ideas and dreams, goals and plans… I’d be lost if I couldn’t write anymore, I wouldn’t know what it was I knew!

4- Which author/s inspire you currently? I am not talking about some of the greats but departed. Authors alive today, which of them inspire you?

Cat Valente is amazing. Her novels are full of imagery that makes my mouth water with its lushness. Her children’s series which starts with “The Girl Who Navigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making” is a beautiful meander through fairyland, and full of magic!

Share an article written especially for this tour!

Ok! I wrote something on what the Goblin Circus means to me, and how it came into being, over on the Goblin Circus site here!

Now, for my nominees, these are the rules for this game…

1. Pass the tour on to up to four other bloggers.
2. Give them the rules and a specific Monday to post.
3. Answer 4 questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do.
4. Write a one-time article which is to be posted on a Monday (the date supplied by your nominator). This article can be in the same post in which you answered the 4 questions. The article can be anything of your choosing.