A River of Animals

Sometimes you have an idea and you just have to offer it to the universe to see what happens.

I heard about the anniversary of the Confucious Institute in Lampeter and thought… why not? So I visited the Lady in charge and offered to do some paintings. During the conversation I mentioned that I’m also a storyteller and her eyes lit up! It was settled.

This month I had the go-ahead and have since been painting furiously and pulling together Chinese folklore about the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, weaving together a set of tales to entertain, educate and inspire.

Today’s challenge? How to transition from tale to tale, woven within a bigger story. And how not to get distracted by all the other delicious fairytales that keep peering through the window, knocking on the door… What is your biggest storytelling challenge right now?

I’ll be performing A River of Animals in Lampeter on Saturday 27th of September, see you there!

The tides, they are a-changing

I’ve been feeling the changing of life’s flow for a while now. My love of enchantment and the Fae is still strong, but I discover more and more that storytelling and performing is filling the space around my PhD work – which must take priority!

Alongside performing I’ve begun painting every day, preparing for the birthing of the Healing Hearts Oracle deck. Between the tales and the colours I find myself expanding.

The offerings I’ve worked hard on over the years are no longer what my heart longs to share with the world and so I find my focus drawing inwards with the dark of the year. Now is a time to birth some new beauty, some new magic!

With some sadness and more than a little excitement I am here to announce that the School of Enchantment here will be closing on the 21st of December, to re-open at some point in 2015, when my thesis is solidly on the page, the stories have settled and I have the energy to do you all justice, with new offerings!

I do not yet know what these will be but I hear the dreams of them in the air… My muse is plotting, waiting for just the right time.

This website will stay up, and as the plot thickens posts will appear, but I make no promises as to the nature or timing of the most fickle and constant of companions, Inspiration. I will say this, however, when we return, it will be magnificent!

With much love, happy thoughts and pixie dust,

~Halo x

PS: If you were called to enjoy any of the offerings I have created over the years, now is the time. They won’t be around for long and I don’t know which, if any, will return when the tide turns again!

Ask for Help

A heartfelt helping hand...
A heartfelt helping hand…

Something I struggle with is the belief that I have to do it all myself. If I need something, I should be the one to sort it out. If I’m stuck, I should dig myself out. I’m responsible for me and no-one else is.

Which, to a degree, is true. We can only be responsible for ourselves.

However, that personal responsibility doesn’t stop us from helping each other out. And it also doesn’t mean we are expected to be able to do everything!

To get what we want in life we have to commit ourselves to it, but we also have to open to possibility. I almost gave up on my PhD in the spring, for financial reasons. I woke on the day the Sun moved into Aries with a decision, a commitment, a choice made. I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but I’m going to make this work.

I announced it to the world (via Facebook) and, in opening to the possibility of it working, I immediately received support. I allowed those around me to help and it was suddenly an achievable goal!

Yesterday I gave an Oracle reading to a woman who is about to rock the world through business. And she expressed frustration that she couldn’t do the tech side of business and sometimes felt pointless around those that could. My response to her: you do your work and let others do their work. You don’t have to be good at everything, you don’t have to manage everything yourself, let others be their awesome selves while you are your awesome self and you can help each other.

So often I’ve seen people struggle to manage on their own, trying to do it all, refusing to ask for help. It doesn’t have to be that way. You are part of a community and we support each other. It may not be the person you expect that responds but someone, or something will.

I wonder; where do you need to ask for help? Take a deep breath and relax. Feel in your body what you need help or support around and breathe out, opening to the possibility of someone giving you what you need. Now ask the Universe, Great Spirit, God or Goddess for help. Ask for what you need and allow the Universe to gift it to you.

Enchanting Courses

Hello lovelies!

I’m currently re-arranging my website so it is easier to navigate and soon, soon, I’ll be adding more enchanting videos and information for you! In the meantime, this is where I can keep all the magical offerings I have for you!

The FaeHearted Oracle: A beautiful deck made by a real Enchantress (me!)

FaeHearted Oracle Readings: Clarity on your path, a new perspective, find your magic!

Intuitive Spirit-Art Readings: Coming soon…

Elements of Magic: Online Course starting September

Dare to Dream: Coaching and Online Courses 

MapMaking: A One Day Intensive to craft a clear map to the life you love!

FaeHearted Path: Faeries, myth and magic

I look forward to helping you along your journey to a re-enchanted life!!!

In Delight,
~Halo x


Happy Lammas Lovelies!

I’m just off to the local magical circle to leave an offering of chocolate cake in honour of the land, the ancestors, the Fae, the gods and my kin.

This is the festival of the harvest, where you honour what has come before and what you are reaping now… so tell me, what are you proud of? What have you gained? What do you need to release?

Much love,

~Halo x

The Enchantress

Halo in the Snow

I’m Halo.

I am an Enchantress, a philosopher, an artist, a Queen in Training and a devotee of delight!

My mission is to re-enchant the world… through art and writing and sharing as much healing beauty with the world as I can.

My Vision is of a world of enchantment, connection and delight.

My Work is to walk the path of empowered enchantment with you, under the watchful eye of the Queen of Faery.

My dream is that in healing ourselves and finding the beauty and brilliance in our lives, we share it with the world, healing the damage done by the disconnection that surrounds us. In partnership with each other and the Spirits of Nature who choose to work with us, we can begin to heal the rift between the worlds of magic and the mundane.

I’ve always been enchanted and I’ve always believed that the world contains more wonder, more beauty and more magic than we’re ever told. Find me and my musings at Halo’s Journal!

The Nature of Enchantment

My dream is for life to be lived in an enchanted world.

A world of beauty and wonder, of delight and sharing of joy. Where creativity and following one’s heart is as common as breathing and care for each other and the non-human world around us is not only felt, but is acted upon.

Enchantment comes in the space which happens when we engage with each moment. We become enchanted when we connect with life.

Many of us feel disenchanted, disconnected. We are struggling through our days and saddened by the state of the world.

The world is as it is because so many of us have disconnected from our own enchanted selves. Deep inside us we remember what it is like to experience the world as wonder-filled and we secretly wish we were allowed to feel that way again.

I can tell you now:

You are allowed to find the wonder in the world.

You have permission to feel that sense of delight that happens when beauty kisses your spirit and you feel inspired.

You can reconnect with your enchanted self.

Take a breath now. Remember a moment when you felt open to the wonder in the world. Remember how that felt in your body. Remember the emotions it invoked in you. Allow yourself to feel grateful for that moment of enchantment. Choose, now, to be open to experiencing the world in that way again. Commit to choosing enchantment, commit to re-choosing it each time you remember that it is possible. Seek out beauty in your life and open to the wonder in each moment.


As you find enchantment in your life you become able to share this with the world around you. Each person who re-connects to wonder balances disconnection with connection and helps to heal the world.


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