Why I love the Frouds

Clambering the ladder to my attic bedroom, a teenager clutching a box of mystery, I slipped out of the grey day and into a space away from everything. The night was drawing in as I laid the cards upon my bedspread.


The Journeyman, The Friends, The Green Woman, Himself.


Faery Oracle BoxFinally I’d found a reflection of the world of Faery that I knew. They gathered round, peering over my shoulder, laughter just beyond the edge of hearing. My room felt crowded, full of wild spirits and playful mischief, old wisdom and sacred irreverence. I could feel them there. I could hear them. I was not alone. And I’d come home.

I adore the sweet, sparkly flower fairies. I love the wings and the wands and the sparklefluff that inspires lighthearted smiles.But I’d spent every single one of my (few) years up until then searching the wilder corners of my world for the beings I knew were there… and only sometimes were they sweet and giggling. In these slips of card and ink, in the paintings of Brian Froud I discovered that I wasn’t the only one that encountered both the Sweetlings and the Wild Ones without fear.

As I lay out those cards they spoke to me, just as Wendy Froud’s sculptures and puppetry in The Dark Crystal spoke to my heart and reminded me that there was magic and wonders just beyond the everyday, but even more so. The spirits here were real, they danced around me, sat solemnly in the corners, poked the card patterns I’d made thoughtfully. The Fae Ones, both Wild and Sweet, ancient and ever-young, spoke to me that night, as they do often, and, pointing to those cards, reminded me that I’m not alone.

In the work of the Frouds I saw the magic I have always felt manifested in a way that can touch so many hearts, in a way that can bring a kiss of wonder and delight into lives that need it so. Our world is a hard one, even for those of us lucky ones. We all struggle with a system that is devoid of humanity, let alone magic. We all battle with day-to-day existence that steers us away from our roots in the wild world. But the magic of the Frouds and the artists like them is such that they can open those gateways which the stories tell us are always closing.

The secret is, truly, those gates can never close because they live in each heart touched by magic, touched by wonder."Your Faery Magic" Book cover

The work of the Frouds inspire me, every day, to continue trying to share my
love of the Faery realm, my passion for the Fae magic which we each hold, and my belief that every act of wonder and every moment we choose to move into a good relationship with the spirits of the wild is a step closer to re-enchanting our own worlds. They are part of the reason I wrote my book, “Your Faery Magic,” I want to inspire people in the way they inspired me.

Thank you, dear Frouds, and thank you, Fae ones, for leading me to their work!


Moon Books Author


Book Review: Way of the Faery Shaman

Way of the Faery Shaman cover image
Way of the Faery Shaman by Flavia Kate Peters

Due to my obsession with the Fae, I read a lot of Faery books, so when I had the opportunity to read and review this one, of course I said yes.

This is a really sweet introduction to Faery spirits, with a strong emphasis on the elementals which are a really good place to start in magical working with the Fae. I really enjoyed Flavia’s sharing of personal stories which give a flavour of what it is like to work with these spirits.

My only reservation is the same issue I have with most Faery books, it is that I disagree with her premise that the Fae are all our kin in sweetness and light. Yes, many of them want to work with us and help us, but that isn’t necessarily always the case, now or historically. There is a long history of the Fae stealing children, spoiling crops, drowning lovers and generally causing mayhem. However, the benefit of books that ignore those aspects is clear – Flavia directs her readers very firmly to that spectrum which contains those spirits that do like humans, and avoids those Fae who do not want to work with us. (I’ll post more about this topic some other time…)

So with the caveat that I’d like people to be aware that there is something to beware of when working with spirits, the exercises and stories contained within this sweet book are a really lovely way of getting in touch with those helpful elemental spirits. Flavia has clearly spent years in relationship with them and speaks from experience and I really appreciate that she shares that direct working knowledge here.

This is a book that contains lived experience and a great deal of beauty, not a compilation of other people’s information. If you are of a Seelie disposition, want to learn more about elemental spirits from someone who clearly has a deep connection with them, and enjoy a smile as you do so, this book is for you.

Way of the Faery Shaman by Flavia Kate Peters

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GUEST POST: If you want to live a life enchanted, by Demi Morgen-Fox

Sometimes, other Enchanting individuals write something for us at A World Enchanted and it makes my heart sing to hear how others are re-enchanting the world too. Demi Morgen-Fox, whose work as a Priestess, mermaid and dancer I admire, is a dynamic Faery lady who I have followed for several years as she pumped up the rock in her Priestessing! Demi very kindly wrote this for you to enjoy, and it speaks beautifully of the work of becoming a Priestess or Enchantress. So, welcome to A World Enchanted, Demi!

Demelza Fox in the woods
The Priestess and Mermaid, Demi Morgen-Fox, in human form.

If you want to live a life enchanted, you gotta show up for it.

My biggest inspiration spirituality-wise is the faery goddess, super-enchantress and all-over badass Morgan le Fey.

I actually first read about her in a book called “Faerycraft” about a decade ago. At that time I was 16 and just totally obsessed with finding a patron goddess.  I’d been involved in witchcraft for five years and had decided I neeeeded a patron goddess, otherwise I wasn’t a real witch. Duh. I found Morgen and something about her got me all excited: maybe it was her connection to Avalon, or her wild seductive faery nature, or her thing about walking through the darkness to find the light. Whatever. I wanted her. So sixteen year old me did a ritual to call her in as my patron.

So I waited and I got pretty a big fat nothing.  No magic, no dream visitations, no signs, nothing that would signifying that Morgan was paying me attention.  I began to think that little rationally about this.  Why would hell would I want somebody who is all about the darkness and transformation to be my patron goddess?  It sounded like a lot of hard work.  Faeries are fickle anyway. Maybe it’s a good thing she never responded.

After a few years, she did start turning up more and more.  I’d pray for her for help and she’d hit me up with damn good advice.  She’d helped me out with my tarot readings. My obsessive search of her lead me to learn about Avalon, and watch a lot of questionable Arthurian TV dramas. Now she’s there every day.

My big thing is becoming a priestess, zealously devouring anything that can possibly related to priestess stuff.  To me Morgana, the Queen of Avalon, land of the sister priestesses, is kinda like a High Priestess goddess.  She is a loving teacher and a guide, wise and kind and a little bit pushy.  As a Faery Goddess and a Sorceress she teaches us how to experience the world as enchanted, and what that means.

To me so much of the work of being a priestess is connection with the divine.  I’m crazy for the word “Yogi” right now – Yoga means Union, so Yogi means one who united. That means being present and showing up to be united. This mean being awake to experience the world around us lit up by the divine, being able to see and feel all the magic and joy and awesomeness that’s available to us every minute.

In our fantasies we see magic and enchantment as something supernatural. It’s has to be a faery rade riding by or something big and flashy with a latin startup, something that would embarrass science with it’s flagrant disregard for physics.

It’s gotta be something special, right? It has to be different than what’s already here because, well, I’m here already so this isn’t special. We’ve gotta be drugged out, tripped out, drunk on something, right?

I don’t think so. Seeing magic is as simple as letting go of all our human mind crap for a few moments being present, showing up for enchantment and magic to find us. Holy CRAP there is so much magic and power and freedom when we just show up for a moment and let it get to us. We’ve just stopped paying attention to something that should be our birthright, our greatest comfort: that the world is and always has been a magical, amazing, enchanted place.

It’s stealth magic. Hiding in plain sight. We don’t even notice it.

How the faeries would laugh at us.


11016563_776586330707_465270718_nDemi Morgen-Fox is a modern-day priestess of the Goddess, Mermaidenly Lady and lover of all things peanut butter flavoured. She lives over at Rockstar Priestess (www.priestesstraining.com) where she talks and teaches about living life with the Goddess, the pathway of a priestess and how to become your biggest, badassest Mermaid self.

GUEST POST: Feeling Enchanted as a Writer

This is A World Enchanted’s first ever guest post!!! Woohoo! Welcome Llinos!
In this post, Llinos shares her feelings around having published her first book, and the act of using her creative skills as a writer to share her journey so that others can find healing and enchantment during their own struggles too. It is my pleasure to hand over the stage to author, speaker and another enchantress of Wales, Llinos Mai Thomas!


Some creative people struggle with calling themselves an ‘artist’ or ‘writer’. At the moment, I’m trying out ‘author’ as a label for myself, as my self published book ‘Cancer, Chemo and Curls’ is now available on Amazon.

Part of me is a bit scared. The book is about my time as a teenage cancer patient; it is very honest and raw. It’s a very bold book, and I don’t hold back about what happened to me. I feel vulnerable and visible in a way I haven’t been before. But, I’m choosing to harness that feeling as a great personal strength and channelling it into my creative flow.

I didn’t used to feel creative at all. Yes, I liked doodling and making up stories, but I didn’t take Art in school and I didn’t think I was very good at it. didn’t think I was what a creative person should be or look like.

Now however, I feel creativity is a core part of who I am, and what I can offer the world. I want to make handmade greeting cards to cheer someone’s day; I want to write a story which makes people smile. On a larger scale, I’m passionate about what my book can do for women who need to hear this story, of how a young girl took on cancer and won.

I’ve also found myself dreaming up stories about queens in faraway lands; tinged with my love of history and with an essence of fantasy from the part of me that loves fairy tales, oracle cards and inspiring, whimsical art. Living in Wales, I am moved by the beautiful castles and legends which are so firmly locked into our culture. This creativity has come forth out of my health problems, including depression, and now I’ve unlocked this part of me nothing can stop it flowing. During depression, I have found creative outlets help me emotionally as effectively as any professional medical treatment.

That’s what holding my completed book in my hands feels like. A pure, inner smile. As though I can take on the world and follow my deepest dreams and live an enchanted life. I’m the fairy queen in my own life and there’s nothing that can keep me from connecting with my deep creative joy and purpose.


Llinos Mai Thomas


Llinos Mai Thomas is a writer, speaker and charity fundraiser who lives in Cardiff, UK.  She is a creative soul who loves reading and history.  She shares her health journey at www.inspirationafterillness.com