Meet Halo

Welcome to A World Enchanted!


My name is Hayley “Haloquin” Addis (AKA Halo Quin).
Pixie Queen by nature, Enchantress by trade and Goblin Circus Ringleader by calling, I’m your resident guide to enchantment!

Here’s my story, you might find you recognise it.

I grew up looking for faeries. I developed rituals to protect myself when I slept. I was always the odd one out at school, never quite fitting in always off in a corner reading, drawing, talking to people the other children couldn’t see. My school reports said ‘away with the fairies’ more often than anything else. In short,you might have called me Wyrd, or Fey.

I loved to be the centre of attention. I wanted to perform, to shine so brightly that I changed the world but few understood me and I was paralysed by stagefright.

I got older, studied healing and discovered magic. I learnt that where there is fear is great power. Fear greets us at the limits of our self, it tells us where we need to grow.

Where fear and dreams meet, possibilities arise. I leapt into the gap and found I could fly!

Little by little I challenged myself and my wings grew stronger.

I followed my heart and now I’m happily engaged, living in the countryside in my favourite place, studying to become a Doctor (of philosophy), performing regularly, teaching abroad and at home and I have become a self-employed artist, writer and magic maker.

I’m living my dream and I know you can too.

In Delight,

~Halo x


My Current projects include:

Your Faery Magic – a book to guide you on the path of enchantment (due out with Moon Books soon!)

The Goblin Circus – what happens when Faery magic manifests through a performer-artist with dramatic tendencies… and Goblin cohorts. I.e. a Circus!

Healing Hearts – an Oracle Deck inspired by my love of mythology and work with various gods.

*ahem* My Thesis *ahem* – a PhD in philosophy of Art. This is ongoing and has led to various philosophical writings on Heidegger, Art, the fantastical and the like. I’ve got a Serious Things profile on if you like that kind of thing. I know I do!


My Past Work includes:

Published Writings

Published Art and Exhibitions

Performances (Plus upcoming appearances)

Rituals, Magical Workshops and Teaching

Arts and Crafts Workshops


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