Book Review: Way of the Faery Shaman

Way of the Faery Shaman cover image
Way of the Faery Shaman by Flavia Kate Peters

Due to my obsession with the Fae, I read a lot of Faery books, so when I had the opportunity to read and review this one, of course I said yes.

This is a really sweet introduction to Faery spirits, with a strong emphasis on the elementals which are a really good place to start in magical working with the Fae. I really enjoyed Flavia’s sharing of personal stories which give a flavour of what it is like to work with these spirits.

My only reservation is the same issue I have with most Faery books, it is that I disagree with her premise that the Fae are all our kin in sweetness and light. Yes, many of them want to work with us and help us, but that isn’t necessarily always the case, now or historically. There is a long history of the Fae stealing children, spoiling crops, drowning lovers and generally causing mayhem. However, the benefit of books that ignore those aspects is clear – Flavia directs her readers very firmly to that spectrum which contains those spirits that do like humans, and avoids those Fae who do not want to work with us. (I’ll post more about this topic some other time…)

So with the caveat that I’d like people to be aware that there is something to beware of when working with spirits, the exercises and stories contained within this sweet book are a really lovely way of getting in touch with those helpful elemental spirits. Flavia has clearly spent years in relationship with them and speaks from experience and I really appreciate that she shares that direct working knowledge here.

This is a book that contains lived experience and a great deal of beauty, not a compilation of other people’s information. If you are of a Seelie disposition, want to learn more about elemental spirits from someone who clearly has a deep connection with them, and enjoy a smile as you do so, this book is for you.

Way of the Faery Shaman by Flavia Kate Peters

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