Discover your Faery Magic – Upcoming Book!

Exciting news!

This month I signed a book contract with Moon Books, an imprint of John Hunt publishing, for a book of Faery magic which encapsulates my philosophy of Faery.

It is based on my earlier work The Faery Heart but much expanded, revised and improved. For anyone who feels that they are a little ‘other’, a little ‘fey’… this books explores the nature and philosophy of faery and how you can develop your own faery magic.

As a result, The Faery Heart will soon be completely unavailable… Which is a farewell to that chapter of my life and hello to new, published author status! The first book in a long line I hope… I already have designs for a non-fiction sequel, and several novels in mind. One step at a time though, right? Faery Magic and finishing my stint in academia first.

Time to celebrate with a chocolate cake, lots of custard and a manic happy dance!!!

In the meantime, alongside growing the Goblin Circus, which is the manifestation of my philosophy in creative form, I’m developing a series of mini audios for you called… “Thoughts from the Fey” 😉 Watch this space for more.

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