A River of Animals

Sometimes you have an idea and you just have to offer it to the universe to see what happens.

I heard about the anniversary of the Confucious Institute in Lampeter and thought… why not? So I visited the Lady in charge and offered to do some paintings. During the conversation I mentioned that I’m also a storyteller and her eyes lit up! It was settled.

This month I had the go-ahead and have since been painting furiously and pulling together Chinese folklore about the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, weaving together a set of tales to entertain, educate and inspire.

Today’s challenge? How to transition from tale to tale, woven within a bigger story. And how not to get distracted by all the other delicious fairytales that keep peering through the window, knocking on the door… What is your biggest storytelling challenge right now?

I’ll be performing A River of Animals in Lampeter on Saturday 27th of September, see you there!

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