The tides, they are a-changing

I’ve been feeling the changing of life’s flow for a while now. My love of enchantment and the Fae is still strong, but I discover more and more that storytelling and performing is filling the space around my PhD work – which must take priority!

Alongside performing I’ve begun painting every day, preparing for the birthing of the Healing Hearts Oracle deck. Between the tales and the colours I find myself expanding.

The offerings I’ve worked hard on over the years are no longer what my heart longs to share with the world and so I find my focus drawing inwards with the dark of the year. Now is a time to birth some new beauty, some new magic!

With some sadness and more than a little excitement I am here to announce that the School of Enchantment here will be closing on the 21st of December, to re-open at some point in 2015, when my thesis is solidly on the page, the stories have settled and I have the energy to do you all justice, with new offerings!

I do not yet know what these will be but I hear the dreams of them in the air… My muse is plotting, waiting for just the right time.

This website will stay up, and as the plot thickens posts will appear, but I make no promises as to the nature or timing of the most fickle and constant of companions, Inspiration. I will say this, however, when we return, it will be magnificent!

With much love, happy thoughts and pixie dust,

~Halo x

PS: If you were called to enjoy any of the offerings I have created over the years, now is the time. They won’t be around for long and I don’t know which, if any, will return when the tide turns again!

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