Down the Rabbit Hole…

Tumbling down…

… head over heels over head…

… … … landing heavily with a THUMP.

I remember one evening at Picton Castle in Pembrokeshire. There was art everywhere, coloured lights in the trees, poetry and performance, story and song.

Arriving was like stepping into another world. And, as we know all too well, Other Worlds come with their misadventures too.

I was so happy and loving every minute of it. I skipped off ahead following the trails my feet were finding for me, merrily diving into the darkness and trusting to my night vision (which had proved reliable thus far!) when suddenly my feet encountered a root, I looked down, saw nothing and stepped a little higher to clear whatever it was…

*squeak* CRASH THUMP *ohhhh dear*

Completely head over heels I rolled over a two foot high log. And I swear, there had been NOTHING there a moment before. My pride was bruised more than my body, though I’m sure I limped a little as we headed home, giggling at myself all the way.

I’m sure there was the sound of faery bells and laughter as I flew through the air.

Anyway, I’m not expecting this adventure to go without a hitch either, but I’m here, ready to laugh at the tumbles as well as the twinkles as I gratefully brush myself off with a new tale to tell.

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