Ask for Help

A heartfelt helping hand...
A heartfelt helping hand…

Something I struggle with is the belief that I have to do it all myself. If I need something, I should be the one to sort it out. If I’m stuck, I should dig myself out. I’m responsible for me and no-one else is.

Which, to a degree, is true. We can only be responsible for ourselves.

However, that personal responsibility doesn’t stop us from helping each other out. And it also doesn’t mean we are expected to be able to do everything!

To get what we want in life we have to commit ourselves to it, but we also have to open to possibility. I almost gave up on my PhD in the spring, for financial reasons. I woke on the day the Sun moved into Aries with a decision, a commitment, a choice made. I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but I’m going to make this work.

I announced it to the world (via Facebook) and, in opening to the possibility of it working, I immediately received support. I allowed those around me to help and it was suddenly an achievable goal!

Yesterday I gave an Oracle reading to a woman who is about to rock the world through business. And she expressed frustration that she couldn’t do the tech side of business and sometimes felt pointless around those that could. My response to her: you do your work and let others do their work. You don’t have to be good at everything, you don’t have to manage everything yourself, let others be their awesome selves while you are your awesome self and you can help each other.

So often I’ve seen people struggle to manage on their own, trying to do it all, refusing to ask for help. It doesn’t have to be that way. You are part of a community and we support each other. It may not be the person you expect that responds but someone, or something will.

I wonder; where do you need to ask for help? Take a deep breath and relax. Feel in your body what you need help or support around and breathe out, opening to the possibility of someone giving you what you need. Now ask the Universe, Great Spirit, God or Goddess for help. Ask for what you need and allow the Universe to gift it to you.

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