Iron Age Storytelling

I followed the white rabbit of inspiration down a rabbit hole of possibility… in the Uni café this spring I saw a friend who tells stories at an Iron Age settlement and the rabbit waved at me calling:

“Over here! Over here! Go on, you could try this!”

It was a crazy idea. Loopy. Daft. But it was also GENIUS.

“Ummm,” I started, “Do you think I could come and tells stories with you as your apprentice?”

“Sure.” He says. And the venue agreed.

Iron Age Storytelling
In full Iron Age gear!

I joined a local storytelling group. I got the costume. I brushed up on my Welsh mythology. And I was terrified. And excited!

The end of the summer rolls round and I’ve been and been invited back, multiple times. Two weeks ago I was gifted a Lyre Harp, so she joined me and enchanted our audience even more than I did… Music is so healing! Today I even got paid for it!

I love performing, I love making things (like costume!) I love mythology, I love storytelling even more than I thought I would. That loopy-idea-bunny has gotten me firmly on the pathway to performing professionally in only a few months… I’m very, very glad I said yes.

So, what loopy idea-bunny is beckoning you to follow down the rabbit hole towards your dreams? What intuition is waiting for you to say yes?

(PS: My stage name? Ceinwen… which means White Hare!)

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