The Enchantress

Halo in the Snow

I’m Halo.

I am an Enchantress, a philosopher, an artist, a Queen in Training and a devotee of delight!

My mission is to re-enchant the world… through art and writing and sharing as much healing beauty with the world as I can.

My Vision is of a world of enchantment, connection and delight.

My Work is to walk the path of empowered enchantment with you, under the watchful eye of the Queen of Faery.

My dream is that in healing ourselves and finding the beauty and brilliance in our lives, we share it with the world, healing the damage done by the disconnection that surrounds us. In partnership with each other and the Spirits of Nature who choose to work with us, we can begin to heal the rift between the worlds of magic and the mundane.

I’ve always been enchanted and I’ve always believed that the world contains more wonder, more beauty and more magic than we’re ever told. Find me and my musings at Halo’s Journal!

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