The Nature of Enchantment

My dream is for life to be lived in an enchanted world.

A world of beauty and wonder, of delight and sharing of joy. Where creativity and following one’s heart is as common as breathing and care for each other and the non-human world around us is not only felt, but is acted upon.

Enchantment comes in the space which happens when we engage with each moment. We become enchanted when we connect with life.

Many of us feel disenchanted, disconnected. We are struggling through our days and saddened by the state of the world.

The world is as it is because so many of us have disconnected from our own enchanted selves. Deep inside us we remember what it is like to experience the world as wonder-filled and we secretly wish we were allowed to feel that way again.

I can tell you now:

You are allowed to find the wonder in the world.

You have permission to feel that sense of delight that happens when beauty kisses your spirit and you feel inspired.

You can reconnect with your enchanted self.

Take a breath now. Remember a moment when you felt open to the wonder in the world. Remember how that felt in your body. Remember the emotions it invoked in you. Allow yourself to feel grateful for that moment of enchantment. Choose, now, to be open to experiencing the world in that way again. Commit to choosing enchantment, commit to re-choosing it each time you remember that it is possible. Seek out beauty in your life and open to the wonder in each moment.


As you find enchantment in your life you become able to share this with the world around you. Each person who re-connects to wonder balances disconnection with connection and helps to heal the world.


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